Casual Worship and Spiritual Discussion

Green Life Church meets outdoors, weather permitting, and at existing venues to maintain a low-carbon footprint. Comfortable and casual attire is encouraged. We practice "open communion" in which everyone who desires to participate is welcome to do so. We offer organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free communion elements. Location Outdoor Worship 2020 Season soon to be announced.


Prayer and Bible Study

If you would like to participate in a Prayer and Bible Study group, please send an email to Pastor Helen at

Classes and Workshops

We offer  classes, workshops, and events on a variety of topics throughout the Greater Kansas City area.  Check out all our events at


Key Beliefs and Practices

1. We affirm Jesus as the Christ, the Lord and Savior of the world, welcoming all persons who respect the life and teachings of Jesus, whatever their individual beliefs.

2. We esteem The Holy Bible as the inspired Word of God and ultimate guide for spiritual growth. We value and appreciate various translations and interpretations, as well as other texts and viewpoints without requiring uniformity of belief.

3. We practice open communion, for it is Jesus who invites all to share a common table where we may gather to remember him. 

4. We practice water baptism by immersion for new believers and honor other forms of baptism. We baptize only consenting adults and children who can understand the meaning and purpose of baptism.



Casual Worship & Spiritual Discussion

October - April: Call Pastor Helen at 816-589-6860, or email for current location, dates, and times.


Outdoor Worship & Spiritual Discussion

May – September:  Schedule and location soon to be announced.

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