Green Life Eco Tip:
                                                         Wind Energy

                                                         by Rev. Helen Nelson

Using renewable energy is one of the best practices for good stewardship of God's good Creation. Wind turbines can provide electricity for homes, as well as businesses (including houses of worship), while reducing emissions and helping reverse global warming, as shown in this photo of a log home in Lee's Summit, Missouri.

The white propeller to the left of the roof's peak is the wind turbine. The annoying horizontal black wires going across the upper section of the house and sky and the diagonal yellow plastic covered cables in the lower right section of photo are part of the conventional means of transporting electricity from source to end use.


From a coal-fired plant to a light bulb in a home, up to 98% of the original energy may be lost. But with onsite production with renewables such as wind and solar, that loss may be significantly reduced, and the harmful impacts to human health (such as asthma, global warming, and climate disruption) are minimized. Using renewable energy is one means of practicing good stewardship of God's good Creation.