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Green Life Altar
Palm Sunday Communion
SSC Green Team Training

Green Life Church Outdoor Worship Services for the 2020 Season soon to be scheduled.

Our outdoor services are casual, so dress for comfort according to the weather.

Feel free to bring a non-alcoholic beverage, preferably in an earth-friendly container.

We strive to offer worship services that are holistic, heart-warming, and welcoming

and that connect us with our authentic selves in community with one another,

in communion with the Creator, and in harmony with Creation.

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Sunday Soul Seeds/Scripture Seeds - weekly Sunday scriptures and sermonettes

Mindfulness Mondays - weekly Monday ​mindfulness exercise

Midweek Prayer - weekly midweek prayer (usually Wednesdays)

Affirmation Friday - weekly positive statements to nurture faith

Updates - periodic notices and reminders of new and scheduled events

For information, send an email to greenlifechurchkc@gmail.com.


Green Life Church seeks to create inclusive opportunities for persons of diverse backgrounds to experience and express the love of God as revealed in Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit in ways that promote health, wellness, peace, justice, and environmental sustainability.


Identity Statement

Green Life Church is a progressive, inclusive, holistic community living out the gospel of Jesus Christ through health and wellness, peace and justice, and environmental sustainability. We are part of a global movement for wholeness in a fragmented world.

Mission Statement

Green Life Church seeks to create inclusive opportunities for persons of diverse backgrounds to experience and express the love of God as revealed in Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit in ways that promote peace, justice, and environmental sustainability.

Vision Statement

Green Life Church envisions a peaceable, just, and sustainable world in which all persons are spiritually empowered to flourish in communion with Christ and in beloved community with others.


Green Life Church meets outdoors, weather permitting, and at existing venues to maintain a low-carbon footprint.  Comfortable, casual attire is encouraged. We practice "open communion". Everyone who desires to participate is welcome to do so. We offer organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free communion elements. We are inter-generational and provide Bible activities to engage young children during worship.


From October through April, we offer Casual Worship and Spiritual Discussion on Sundays at various indoor or outdoor locations. See Worship Schedule page for times and locations.


During May through September, we offer Outdoor Worship and Spiritual Discussion at various times and locations.


Green Life Church offers outreach programs throughout the Kansas City Metro area. In 2017 we began offering weekly prayer and communion and held a back-to-school event with free school supplies at Waterfall Park in Independence, Missouri. We also began teaching health and wellness classes at Terra Health & Wellness Market, 19800 E. Jackson Drive, Independence, MO.


In 2018 we added an Earth Day Prayers and Praise event; the Green Pastures, Still Waters exhibit inspired by Psalm 23; the Reverse Climate Change with a Plant-Rich Diet class;  the Life Hacks from the Book of Proverbs class; and the Simple Steps to De-Stress class.  Also available is the Understanding the Bible class.  On September 8 we held Rise in Prayer for People & the Planet Vespers. In October we began sponsoring Drawdown: Solutions to Reverse Global Warming workshops to engage people in the top solutions to reverse global warming.


 We welcome your financial support of Green Life Church.

Donations are always appreciated and may be mailed to:

Green Life Church

P.O. Box 9345

Raytown, Missouri 64133 


Minister: Rev. Helen Nelson

Founding Board of Directors

President:  Rev. Helen Nelson

Vice President:  Jane Kloeckner

Treasurer:  Rudolph Pieters

Secretary:  Rev. Melissa Potts-Bowers


Phone:  816-589-6860

Mailing Address:

Green Life Church

P.O. Box 9345

Raytown, Missouri 64133


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